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  • WIDTH: 42 cm LENGTH: 34 cm WEIGHT: 7.3 kg

  • Ability to zigzag 5 mm wide

  • To open buttonholes in 4 steps

  • Selecting a pattern with the reversible pattern selector

  • Horizontal spool pin

  • Free arm sewing

  • Internal accessory section

  • The ability to overcast

  • Sewing on a button

  • Capable of hemming, cording, hidden zipper sewing, rib gathering with optional feet

  • Ability to apply various embroidery techniques such as Chinese needle, white work with hoop embroidery suitability

  • Easy to carry

  • Quick and quiet operation

  • 31 different stitches and decorative patterns

  • Ability to adjust zigzag width in patterns

  • Flexible stitching in different models

  • Marked threading paths

  • Reverse sewing

  • Stopping needle movement and winding bobbin with one action

  • Thread cutter

  • Easy to change presser feet suitable for different purposes

  • Zipper sewing

  • Ability to sew side by side parallel stitches with the use of double needles

  • Ability to sew jeans (2026 jeans needle) combed cotton - knitwear (2045 cotton - jersey needle) with the use of optional needles

  • Electronic pedal

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