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smarter 260c

  • 27 different stitches and decorative patterns

  • Ability to zigzag 6 mm wide

  • buttonhole in one step

  • Sewing on a button

  • Ability to sew side by side with the use of double needle (coverstitch sewing)

  • Overlock stitch

  • Automatic thread insertion

  • Ability to work without pedal with the start stop button

  • Led lighting

  • Blue color detail

  • Fabric printing pressure adjustment

  • Extra presser foot height

  • Needle up and down function

  • Easy pattern selection

  • Adjustable stitch length

  • Marked threading paths

  • Reverse sewing

  • Free arm sewing

  • Gear reduction

  • Stopping needle movement and winding bobbin with one action

  • Internal accessory section

  • Thread cutter

  • Transport storage bag

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